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"The Bouncing Dinosaur"
Written by Emma Chichester Clark
Illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark
(Random House, 1991)


"Quiet On Account Of Dinosaur"
Written by Jane Thayer
Illustrated by Seymour Fleishman
(William Morrow & Co., 1964)

A goofy, delightful paleontological fantasy about a little girl named Mary Ann who (like oh, so many kids) is totally koo-koo about dinosaurs. One day she actually finds a dinosaur (a hibernating brontosaurus) and brings him home to keep as a pet. Of course, that plan doesn't go over so well, and her mother tells her she'll have to take the dinosaur to stay somewhere else. Of course, her school teacher is entirely sympathetic and agrees to let the big lizard stay and become the school mascot. The story has a marvelous absurdism about it -- no one bats an eye at the idea that a dinosaur is alive, but they do wonder why he's so shy. Also, it's kind of a stealth-tomboy tale, since Mary Ann has the sort of geeky dino-love that is so often the reserve of little boys... She even grows up to be a "famous scientist," the world's greatest expert on dinosaurs, with her very own museum and everything! We really enjoyed this one. Great 'Sixties-style artwork, too. (A)

"The Random House Dinosaur Travel Guide"
Written by Kelly Milner Halls
Illustrated by Luis V. Rey
(Random House, 2006)

State by state, highway by highway, this slim, well-packed volume highlights all the best dino-related museums, amusement parks, dig sites and related activities to be found in North America. From Canada's "Dinosaur Valley" to the dead oceans of the Great Plains, this book'll show you where to go to satisfy the curiousity of even the most avid junior paleontologist. If you're planning your next big road trip, you might want to take this along, and see what kinda bones you can dig up. The graphics aren't great, but the info is all grade-A. (B+)

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