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"Sailing With The Wind"
Written by Thomas Locker
Illustrated by Thomas Locker
(Dial Books, 1986)

Although the story isn't quite on a par with Locker's evocative Where The River Begins and Mare On The Hill, this is still a lovely piece of craftsmanship, with Locker exploring -- and beautifully rendering -- the same countryside as his earlier works. Here, a young girl looks forward to the semi-annual visit from her glamourous, globetrotting uncle, a sailor who has promised to take her out to sea one day. This trip, he finally does take her sailing, down the river she lives near, then out into the bay, and finally to the ocean. Their journey is anticlimactic, as a storm blows in from sea, causing them to turn back, but the fun is in the journey, and in Locker's luminous paintings... Nice book. (B-)

"Sally And The Limpet"
Written by Simon James
Illustrated by Simon James
(Candlewick, 1991)
A kooky, waterlogged tale tale about a little girl named Sally who finds a cute little ,a href= "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limpet">limpet while playing in a tidepool... Sally doesn't take the hint, though, when the limpet won't let loose of its rocky perch, and after she pulls it loose, she winds up with a mollusk stuck to her finger... The little critter stays put day and night until Sally wises up and takes it back to the ocean... It's kind of an odd story, but has that nutty Simon James appeal to it... Scientifically accurate, too, as far as I can tell. (B)

"Sam And The Fire Fly"
Written by P. D. Eastman
Illustrated by P. D. Eastman
(Beginner's Books, 1958)

An owl named Sam, who's lonely at night when everyone else is asleep, strikes up a friendship with a mischievous firefly, who he stays up with all night, teaching him to spell by using the glowing trailer of his light. The firefly, being mischievous, uses this new skill to wreck havoc in town -- at least he gets his comeuppance and learns to behave. Although the art is nice (love that old-look '50s graphic style!) but the story was a little convoluted and violent... Probably okay for "older" kids (3-4 and up?) but I didn't want to read it when our kid was really little... Sort of too negative and weird for that age group.

"Sam's Little Sister"
Written by Yves Got
Illustrated by Yves Got
(Chronicle Books, 2001)

A sweet book featuring a little bunny named Sam, and his little sister Sophie, who he plays (and occasionally clashes) with, although they always make up in the end. Very easy text with simple, appealing, cartoonish pictures that kids will love, and a funny, but not too cutesy, tone. Positive, idealistic modeling for good sibling relations. (B+)

"Sand Castle"
Written by Brenda Shannon Yee
Illustrated by Thea Kliros
(Greenwillow, 1999)

Five young children (ages 5-8?) meet on the beach and build an enormous sand castle, complete with a moat, a wall, a canal to the water and a big road leading to the gate. Each kid builds their own part, and by cooperating, they are able to make something bigger than any of them could have made alone. Then, when the day was done, and their parents called them to go home, what next? Well, they stomped the castle into oblivion, of course! This is a very nice book about sharing and cooperation, with nice, realistic pictures. The only part I didn't like was how the first girl, Jen, who started the project, greets all the other children by saying this is "my castle," even though they've all been working on it together for a while. Minor point, though, in an otherwise nice book. (A-)

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