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This page covers the letter "V."

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"The Very Hungry Caterpillar And Other Stories"
(Disney/Scholastic, 2006)

This is a very nice video for families that are into the Eric Carle ouvre. It adapts five stories -- The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me, The Very Quiet Cricket, The Mixed-Up Chameleon and I See A Song, which is a fantastical visualization of a musical score. In theory, I'm not a big fan of video adaptations of children's books, because I feel that they wrest the stories away from our individual imaginations, and concretize the stories into one "official" version. These cartoons, however, are so close in spirit to Carle's books (for one thing, the animation is very sparing and quite like the look and feel of the original collage artwork) that it just feels right, somehow. This selection is short -- just over a half hour -- but also probably the right length for little kids. We enjoyed it a lot! (A)

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