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This page covers the letter "K."

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"Kit Kittredge: An American Girl"
(New Line, 2008)


"Kung Fu Panda"
(Dreamworks, 2008)


"Kung Fu Panda: The Secrets Of The Furious Five"
(Dreamworks, 2008)


"Kung Fu Panda (Mandarin Chinese Edition)"
(Dreamworks, 2008)

Dude!! I so totally want it!! (-)

"Kung Fu Panda 2"
(Dreamworks, 2011)

I'm a big fan of the first Kung Fu Panda film, and was dismayed to see lukewarm reviews for the sequel. Well, we went to see it, and it's fine. An entertaining, beautifully rendered film that's okay for little kids while still engaging for the rest of the family. There's a lot of kung fu-ing throughout but the violence has a largely cartoonish feel to it, and the emotional focus stays on the characters, not on the hitting. It's also not too scary for little kids: indeed, the Gary Oldman-peacock bad guy in this one is quite a bit less intense and onscreen-scary than the Ian McShane-tiger baddie in the last one... You'll boo at the bad guy, but no one will get freaked out by him. The script isn't as funny or multi-layered as the first film, but it matches the tone of the original, and the characters stay true to themselves... Likewise, the art design remains on a high level, with Asian motifs and a level of aesthetic grace that brings to mind animation classics like Disney's Sleeping Beauty -- the creators seem to be putting their heart into the visuals, and it pays off well. We paid extra to see it in 3D, and it didn't seem like a rip-off: there wasn't anything as breathtaking as the flight sequences in How To Train Your Dragon, but the effects were solid throughout... This Dreamworks team seems to be taking the technology to a higher level, where animated films can be given visual depth without looking gimmicky or slipshod; it was a bit workmanlike, but I mean that in a good way. If you liked the first film, you'll like this one, too... It probably won't blow your mind, but it is a lot of fun. (B+)

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