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This page covers the letter "F."

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(Walt Disney, 1940)


"Fantasia 2000"
(Walt Disney, 2000)


"The Fantastic Mr. Fox"
(Twentieth Century Fox, 2010)

By default -- since there are practically no good movies, appropriate for little kids six or under, in theatres anymore -- Wes Anderson's animated film, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, has become one of the iconic kids' films of this decade, a movie that a generation children are bound to remember as an important part of their younger years. Just to clarify, I am not a big Wes Anderson fan: I absolutely loathed Bottle Rocket and The Royal Tennanbaums, which I think are candyfloss hipster BS, built on top of shallow, tedious stereotypes of what "weird," "wacky" people are like. That being said, Mr. Fox may be Anderson's best movie to date - I don't love it but it's undeniably innovative, and the jokes generally work, unlike in his live-action films. More importantly, my kid (and many of her friends) love the movie and are really into the genuinely kooky world it portrays. There is dark, macabre subject matter, but it's tempered by a fairly sophisticated sense of humor, and the stop-motion animation is really cool. Nice soundtrack, too. Reluctantly, this Anderson-o-phobe gives this one the thumbs-up. (B+)

"Finding Nemo"
(Pixar, 2003)


"The Fox And The Hound"
(Walt Disney, 1981)


"Fractured Fairy Tales: The Best Of Fractured Fairy Tales, v.1"
(Classic Media, 2005)


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