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"Eight Below"
(Walt Disney, 2006)

A true-life tearjerker about a pack of super-loyal sled dogs who get left behind when bad weather brings the research season in Antarctica to an abrupt halt. Their guilt-ridden trainer and his bush pilot return to the United States with a mission to return and rescue the animals, facing steep opposition to the plan from universities and private backers who are reluctant to bankroll such an expensive expedition. Meanwhile, the dogs have rescued themselves, braving the harsh climate and numerous obstacles to return to an abandoned science station and wait for the humans to come back. This live-action film is an emotionally rewarding heartbreaker that will have you and your kid on the edge of your seats, and cheering and clapping at the end. (Full disclosure: some of the dogs die. Just so you know ahead of time.) The human lead actor Paul Walker is wholesome and nice; the dogs are gorgeous. Great double feature with the animated film, Balto. (B+)

(Disney, 2007)

Any parent (or grown-up kid) who has had to watch a whole lot of Disney "princess" films will get a big kick out of this clever, well-produced movie, in which a cartoon-land princess is magically flung into live-action love affair with dreamboat Patrick Dempsey, in modern-day Manhattan. The animated opening sequence is hilarious -- a sly, and surprisingly biting satire of the whole franchise, with clever nods towards Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and just about any other Disney animated fantasy film you can think of... When the action enters into the "real world," ala Roger Rabbit, things get even better... This is a well-thought out, affectionate send-up of a genre that many of us have a love-hate relationship with... And while the satire could easily have been crass and dismissive, instead it's intelligent and often very, very funny. Kudos all around -- if you're looking for some good, light entertainment to save you from all the endless, carbon-copy slasher and bank heist films out there, this is a fine option. Suitable for the whole family -- recommended! (B+)

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