So here's the deal... When I started Slipcue several years ago, I was dead set against the whole use-the-Internet-to-make-money thing. Slipcue has never been a commercial enterprise, and I still find online advertising to be profoundly irritating... That being said, I also enjoy helping people find music and books they'll like, and as it turns out, Amazon.com is one of the best online resources for finding obscure music... Also, so many folks have written me recently to ask where they can find this or that record, that it's started taking up way more of my time than I originally anticipated, and I had to find a way to simplify the process...Soooooooooo.... now I link to Amazon.

Many of the records reviewed on the Slipcue site are linked to. Look for the tiny symbol after some reviews. This is a link to the Amazon.com page for that record or book... You can also use the Amazon.com box which is located at the bottom of most Slipcue pages. That'll bring you back here.

If you use buy things on Amazon after going there through Slipcue, I'll get a teeny portion of the proceeds. Since Slipcue is a nonprofit labor of love, the extra moolah will help me cover costs... heck, I might even break even some day! Strange as it may sound, if you shop at Amazon, you'll actually be helping out the little guy... I still offer plenty of links to record labels and specialty retailers sprinkled throughout the site, particularly when that's the only way you can find the record or book I've reviewed, but the Amazon links are a way for you to help support my efforts. No hard sell, though... I just wanted to explain why there are so many little "buy" "buy" "buy" signs on an ostensibly noncommercial website.

Thanks again for checking out Slipcue! I hope the site has been helpful for you in your explorations of music and world culture!

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