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So, come celebrate that groovy, geeky, magical medium that we all grew up on... and share that special sense of wonder with someone smaller and newer than you. By the way, this is a work in progress, and your recommendations are always welcome... )

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"Nancy, v.1"
Written by John Stanley
Illustrated by Dan Gormley
(Drawn & Quarterly, 2009)

The comicbook version of one of the classic newspaper strip heroines... John Stanley, best known for his work on Little Lulu adapted Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy for the longer-form comicbook medium, and basically borrowed his own template from the Little Lulu series: brash little girl with a supporting cast of bratty boys, all kinds of misadventures. There are some differences in the adult line-up, which included Nancy's erstwhile guardian, her foxy single aunt, Fritzi Ritz (who starred in her own series, independent of the Nancy comic strip...) I was never all that into the Nancy comics, but these reprints are a great chance to check them out... And if you like these stories, you'll definitely want to delve into the Little Lulu books as well! (A)

"Nancy, v.2"
Written by John Stanley
Illustrated by Dan Gormley
(Drawn & Quarterly, 2009)


"Nervous Rex"
Written & Illustrated by William Van Horn
(Blackthorne Publishing, 1985-87)

Adding this one is sort of just wishful thinking... Nervous Rex was a fun comedy strip about a pint-sized, cowardly T-Rex whose shrewish (and giant-sized) wife is always hen-pecking him to be tougher and more monstrous, more of a "real man" kind of dinosaur. Yeah, okay, it's a sexist premise, but it's also a funny cartoon, with appealing, whimsical artwork that's reminiscent of George Herriman's work on the old Krazy Kat series. Creator William Van Horn was one of the regular artists for the modern Disney comics, doing art for Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck in the 1980s and '90s -- this series, which ran from 1985-87, was his baby, though, and it's still a nice, charming strip. Unlikely to ever be reprinted, but who knows? Anything could happen.

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