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Written and Illustrated by Hope Larson
(Simon & Schuster/Atheneum, 2010)

Another excellent graphic novel from up-and-coming artist Hope Larson (creator of "Chiggers," "Gray Horse" and "Salamander Dream") Working in rich, thickly-lined black-and-white, Larson is a master of understatement, crafting emotionally resonant, compulsively readable, pleasingly intelligent stories. As with her other works, the emphasis here is more on the "novel" aspect, less on the "graphic," in this mix of Gothic romance and modern young-adult tween-teen fare. "Mercury" tells the story of a star-crossed Nova Scotian family whose secrets and downfall span three centuries, in which a fortune is found, lost, and found again, and with it the romantic dreams of two young girls whose lives are generations apart. Larson skillfully doles out details, waiting until the very end for explanations and resolution -- and as with the best literature, the journey is perhaps more important than the destination. Indeed, the main character of Tara Fraser is immensely appealing, and I was sorry to see her go after the all-too-quick ending. If you are looking for comicbooks that value intelligence and originality over formula and violence, this is a very good choice. Great teen reading; adults will appreciate it too! (B+)

"Mr. Badger And Mrs. Fox, v.1: The Meeting"
Written by Brigitte Luciani
Illustrated by Eve Tharlet
(Lerner Books/Graphic Universe, 2010)

A handsomely illustrated, emotionally resonant story of two different families -- one fox, one badger -- that come together as one. A gentle parable about loss and remarriage, this was originally published in France a few years ago, and is nicely translated, with the handsome, richly detailed artwork kept at its original, magazine-sized scale. The story features four children, the three badger children, Bristle, Grub, and baby Berry, who live with their dad in a cozy burrow, and newcomer Ginger, the daughter of Mrs. Fox, a refugee of a recent foxhunt. The Badgers welcome the Foxes as guests -- temporary at first, and then more permanently as the adults get better acquainted. With the kids, though, it's not so simple. The badger children, who already bicker with each other (as siblings will) find it hard to share their space -- as well as their stuff and their dad -- with a new kid, and Ginger feels weird about it too... Like something out of a "Leave It To Beaver" episode, the children cook up a kooky scheme to pry their parents apart -- it backfires, and in the process the children realize they all actually get along pretty well. What's great about this simple story is how it strikes such a perfect tone: the children are, on the whole, really nice kids, but they are also flawed and say and think and do mildly inappropriate things -- their negative reaction to the new situation isn't hysterical or exaggerated, it builds slowly and unfolds subtly, as does the relationship between the two parents. It's also nice how low-key their union is portrayed -- it's not overtly romantic, but by the end of this first volume, it's clear that they are talking about marrying each other. This is a lovely book -- a well-made comic with a good story and a nice message. (A)

"Mr. Badger And Mrs. Fox, v.2: A Hubbub"
Written by Brigitte Luciani
Illustrated by Eve Tharlet
(Lerner Books/Graphic Universe, 2010)

(Due out in November, 2010.) (-)

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