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So, come celebrate that groovy, geeky, magical medium that we all grew up on... and share that special sense of wonder with someone smaller and newer than you. By the way, this is a work in progress, and your recommendations are always welcome... )

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"Korgi, v.1"
Written and illustrated by Christian Slade
(Top Shelf Productions, 2007)

An interesting, but underwhelming no-words, pictures-only graphic novel fantasy series that's set in a Tolkien-esque elfy-fairy forest community that hosts a race of super-cute corgi dogs which are used as plow animals, steeds and companions, and which also have magical powers, such as breathing dragonlike fire. Personally, it's just too twee and goofy for me... I suppose if I had a greater affection for the breed, I'd be all awwwwwwwww... so cuuuute!! about these books, but as it is, I find the perfectly-rendered doggies to be too distracting, and the storyline (about the villager's struggles with a bunch of nondescript ogres and trolls) sort of generic. Also, adorable as the little doggies may be, there are touches of graphic violence (an eyeball popping out of a monster's head when he gets hit, etc.) that go against the grain of the rest of the presentation, almost as if the creators felt obliged to undercut their own too-cute tendencies by getting a little gory. Seemed unnecessary. Anyway, some folks love this book: I suspect many of them also go to dog shows and own lots of porcelain figurines, as well as multiple korgis of their own. It's not my cup of tea, but it might rock your world. Also, possibly not entirely as all-ages kid-friendly as you might imagine. (B-)

"Korgi, v.2: The Cosmic Collector"
Written and illustrated by Christian Slade
(Top Shelf Productions, 2008)



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